Dice Roller — der Spieltisch

Short: {a}[d|W|x|b]{a|d}{n}{[m|x|l|h|b|w]b}; a/d: sort ascending/descending; m/x: min/max; l/h: drop lowest/highest b/w: keep best/worst

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You can use comment, code, and name to save your results on the server (e.g. for your online-RPG). Just choose a code and enter your name. Everybody using the same code can see the results (max. 100).

Syntax: {$list}
$list : {$list [+|-|*|/]} $dice
$dice : [{a}[d|W|x|b]{a|d}{n}{[m|x|l|h]b}|c] (roll a (default=1) dice with n sides, or use constant c)

Dice symbol

d, Wordinary die
xexploding die (reroll and add on maximal result)
bbreeding die (roll one more die on maximal result)
da, Wa, xa, basort ascending
dd, Wd, xd, bdsort descending

Special number n of sides (default: n=6)

FFudge Dice

Command (default: sum)

mcount number of dice with minimum b
xcount number of dice with maximum b
ldrop lowest b dice
hdrop highest b dice
bkeep best (=highest) b dice
wkeep worst (=lowest) b dice


d20 roll 1 twenty-sided die
d-d subtract two six-sided dice
2d4-2roll 2 four-sided Dice and subtract 2
12Wm4roll 12 six-sided dice and count the number of 4, 5, and 6
5dFl2+4roll 5 Fuge Dice, drop the lowest two and add 4
4d6b3roll 4 d6 and keep the best 3
12x10x12roll 12 exploding d10 and count the number of results <=12
3xl2roll 3 exploding d6 and keep only the maximum
10da20roll 10 d20 and sort the output ascending
9dd10roll 9 d10 and sort the output descending

Dice Roller; Version: 1.2.9; written by Dominic "Dom" Wäsch